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It is a synthetic rubber, made from the saturated chain of polyethylene. EPDM foam is a widely-used material across the world and forms the foundations for many products in our day-to-day lives. From the hose pipe used to water our garden to the material used under our house’s roof tiles, EPDM is a versatile material that has multiple uses across a variety of sectors.


• It has outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance.
• It has excellent electrical insulating properties.
• It has good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids and alkalis.
• It is very durable and relatively cheap.
• Good mechanical properties.
• Closed cell structure making it impermeable to air and water and therefore an ideal material for sealing against the elements.
• Wide temperature range.
• Outstanding aging properties and will not go brittle over time.
• Available in a wide range – high temperature, hard, soft, super soft.
• Wide variety with a range of thicknesses.
• Outstanding weather resistance.
• Suitable to be used in various applications.
• Strong durability and long lasting.


EPDM sponge rubber sheeting is therefore often used in the electronics, automotive and construction industries due to the aforementioned favourable characteristics that make it the perfect material for these types of applications.
• Low pressure pipe seals and weather strips.
• Tubing, pond liners, washers, solar panel heat collectors and speaker cone surrounds. It is also commonly used in vehicles, notably in door and window seals.

• Open cell
• Closed cell